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Japanese Lolita Inspired Art

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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to egl_art. This community is for posting art based off of the Japanese Lolita style. While the name is egl; sweet, country, wa-loli, ega, etc. are also accepted. Please read the guidelines and rules before posting.

Posts should be of artwork or relating to artwork. There are many other places for to talk about the style in general, sewing, etc. Art includes, but is not limited to: drawings, CG, paintings, crafts (dolls, etc), artistic photography (still life, etc). Please use your common sense/ask if you are unsure whether your post falls in this category.

Be aware that posting artwork invites critiques. If you do not want critiques or advice, please clearly state so in your post.

- Practice common curtesy. Be polite.
- Images over 400x400 should be placed behind a cut.
- If you are posting a picture that is not your own, you must:
*Include the artist's name and website
*Never direct link to the image, provide a link instead.